What's Noworri

Noworri.com is a digital Escrow and Remittance platform that leverages blockchain to facilitate cross border mobile money remittance and the trade of goods or services in Africa by acting as a financial trusted third party business facilitating transaction with ease between buyer and seller.

How It works

A trusted secure Escrow payment solution at the heart of the African community, safeguarding both buyer and seller, all funds transacted using Noworri are kept in trust.

1. Buyer and Seller agree to terms

2. Buyer Submits Payment to Noworri

3. Seller delivers goods or service to buyer

4. Buyer approves goods or services

5. Noworri.com releases payment to seller

Why Us

We take the hassle and risk out of the transaction so you can focus on delivering amazing service to your customers  


We break the barrier between cross border mobile money transfer allowing underbanked & unbanked African Send and Receive money with ease.


Our payment system is built with blockchain technology making transaction more secure, cost-effective and transparency  


We make Trade a safe place by protecting buyer's funds into an Escrow account and ensure the seller's property is kept in safe until it has been approved by buyer.


With no minimum fees keep more of your earnings with lower fees.Noworri allows the both party to share the fees of the transaction.


We care about your payment system, trusted third financial party between you and your seller or your buyer and you we handle every aspect of your transaction from end to end.


Noworri.com greatly increases trust & safety and reduces fraud, ensure your customers will not pull out at the last minute leaving you high and dry. When your customers know with certainty that there can be no fraud or payment scams increases their confidence in your product which means more brand loyalty.

Trusted customers
Increasing sales
Instant transfers into bank accounts
Brand loyalty
Tracking transactions
24/7 customers assistant


Having the Noworri.com on all your transactions allows you peace of mind when you are transacting with an unknown party. Your money doesn’t move from our secure account until you decide. Which means no loss of money but more security.

Money keeps in safe until you are ready to pay
Multiple payments option
No scams, No fraud, No hassle, No worry, highest Protection
24/7 customers assistant
Secure transaction online or offline with USSD
Built For Business

Our API help you boost customer purchasing power to increase the sale

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and take care of your entitled payment system.

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Built For Projects

With our Milestone defined what day, what time and what amount have

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to be released regarding your project step and lets Noworri do the rest.

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Built For Buyer & Seller

Whether you are a buyer or seller, or even both, Noworri got you covered

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to take advantage of all our services to buy and sell the light spirit between individuals.

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Our financial system design for Mobile, Web and API technology allow both particulars and businesses to make remittance and trade goods & Service safely.

Frequently Asked Question

Can l use more than one network with my Noworri Account?

No, you can’t. For ensuring the best security you can only use one network number.T his could not be changed.

How do l make a deposit ?

You can use a debit card or any Ghana network number, just specify the amount you want to deposit and your account will be credited.

How much Noworri charge per transaction ?

We charge 1.82% per transaction on the amount transacting, we do not charge you in case the transaction is canceled you will get your full amount back.

How do l withdraw my money ?

Withdrawing your money is as simple as logging in to your Noworri account, provide details of the account (Mobile account or Bank account) to be credited and specify the amount to be withdrawn.

Could l use Noworri without internet ?

Of course, you can easily use Noworri without internet or with a basic phone to ensure a secure transaction.

Can l transfer fund straight into Bank Account ?

We work with all Ghana Bank, Through your Noworri account you can transfer your money into any bank account just specify the amount and you Bank account detail.


With financial institutions, regulators, payment networks, banks, and consumer wallets so businesses who run on Noworri don’t have to worry.  

Success Stories

We are all about client collaboration, prefer to work with you, rather than for you. Honest, transparent and direct communication. 




Noworri payment is definitely the kind of solution which brings trust while transacting with an unknown party.I trust this will have a real impact in a financial inclusion of African people.




I have bought a shoe online but I have received it wrong. When l heard about Noworri, l have said it is going to help me have a control over my money while shopping online.

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Everyone deserve the right to be included in the payment process right from the beginning to the end of the transaction.At Noworri we have an obligation to attract value by ensuring a secure payment solution putting you away from scams, fraud and dissatisfied goods.

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